Illustrated by Ann James

Allen & Unwin  

If it hadn’t been for that car...if it hadn’t been for Mrs Cochran...and if it hadn’t been for Tangles...

So many ifs! You lose something you love, and you move on, and then you do something bad and it spoils everything. If Mrs Cochran hadn’t shared her secret...no, I don’t want to think about it because then I would have lost what I loved the most.  

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Here's what other people have said about Tangles:

This is a marvellously understated gem of a book, which will linger in the memories of children fortunate enough to read it.       
 Stephen Matthews, 
Australian Book Review,  June 1993

This is a delightful book, with well-drawn characters and a suspenseful moral dilemma.      This lovely gentle book is highly recommended.
Jo Goodman,   
Magpies, September 1993

Errol Broome writes beautifully, with accurate, well-honed language. The story has a simplicity which adds poignancy and credibility. For this is a careful, finely crafted novel.
 Jonathan Appleton
Rippa Reading, Issue 37 – 3/1993, 


This is not merely a little moral tale – the characters are all interesting and believable – above all, human. There is humour and tenderness and an understanding of the disproportionate anxiety that children can feel when they know they have done wrong...                            
Christine Donnelly
Reading Time, August 1993

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