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Published in the USA by Alfred A. Knopf Inc.

That girl didn’t know what she started when she set off the balloon with seeds attached. Half my luck it landed on our property! Was I nuts when I planted those seeds? ‘You can do it, Freddie.’ That’s my Dad talking. He made me do it, and not only plant the things. I had to write back to the girl and tell her what we’d done with them. As if she cared! Turns out she did care, and a whole lot more than I did. But she didn’t have to do the work. She didn’t live on a farm where half the year the place was a mudheap and the rest of the time dry as breadcrumbs. She didn’t have a wombat pooping in the cupboard and digging underground till the house almost fell in. Must say, though, Anke writes a good letter – and there’s something nice about her too.


What other people have said about this book

Errol Broome’s Dear Mr Sprouts exploits to perfection the letter form in establishing two memorable characters Anke and Freddie.
Judges’ Report, W.A. Premier’s Book Awards 1992

Errol Broome is a Melbourne author who clearly understands her audience. She writes for young people, not down to them, and focuses on wider issues in such a way as to allow younger readers into a more adult world while retaining their innocence and enthusiasm.
Jennie Bolitho, Cranbourne Sun, Oct 1991


...an understated, reflective novel with subtly revealed characters, themes of conservation and personal growth
Ann Young, Reading Time, No 4, 1991

After reading it for the hundredth time, it is still my favourite book.
Rebecca Rae (12)Maryborough,Vic. Dec 1997

...it was one of those books that makes you feel like you are in the story. 
Helen Bogiatzis, Townsville Bulletin, May 2006

 Wow! I really loved this book.
Bea, Canberra, YARA Younger Readers Reviews, March 2006   

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