My Grandad Knew Phar Lap

Illustration by Brian Harrison-Lever

Fremantle Press

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Phar Lap Toby.jpg

That’s me, Toby, on the cover. Me, and Phar Lap. How many kids get their picture on the same page as Phar Lap? It’s not like I actually knew the big horse, but my Grandad did. And when Grandad talks, you know Phar Lap too.

After Phar Lap, Grandad is most important here. I reckon I come third. I’m a good listener, see! Not that I’m backward at talking, so it’s me telling you all this now. I’m telling you because every bit about Phar Lap is true. I bet we’ll never see another horse like him. These days a few get close, but in the end Phar Lap wins again. So this is his – true – story, but along the way Grandad tells us something about himself that he’s kept secret for yonks. And I find out something about myself too, all because of Phar Lap. That horse really is something.

P.S. You can see him in the Melbourne Museum

What other people have said about this book.

Errol Broome has done her homework and created a fast moving and colourful story.
...a fine sense of intrigue...
...this gem of a book
            Racebreed, June 2006


...ideal for students of middle primary.

The novel will inspire readers to find out more about this Australian icon excellent choice for a read-aloud during the Melbourne Cup carnival.

            Allison Paterson, Magpies July 2006

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