Magnus maybe
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You wouldn’t want to know what it’s like to be stuck behind the refrigerator. To be lost, particulickly if you’re white, like me. You’re on your own, different from the house mice nesting in the linen cupboard.

Sometimes I wish I’d never escaped from the cage. I wouldn’t have been bossed around by Mortimer, picked on by Meggsie, attacked by cats or found sobbing beside that terrible mousetrap.


But then I wouldn’t have come to understand this new family – and never have met Miranda.

‘You can’t help what you are.’ That’s what Madeleine told me. Not nececelery! I think maybe I am a bit different from what I am. I mean, from what I was before. But I’m still Magnus.


What other people have said about this book:

It was fab!
Suzi Allan, Gold Creek School REACT, Issue 6, 1998

The humanity of Broome’s oh-so-cute characters warms the heart.
Newcastle Herald, October 17, 1998

 ...this exciting new Little Ark book illustrates how doubts can change to courage, and how even the smallest adventurer can become a hero.
The Catholic Weekly, NSW,  November 8, 1998

A credible and moving tale... There deserves to be a sequel. 
John D Adams,  Reading Time, November 1998

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