Cry of the Karri

Allen & Unwin

Karri dugald.jpg

I  still hear the wind crying through the karri trees and the smell inside the dark, dank cave.


Yet it’s all like a dream to me now. I am lost in the forest and taken in by the family I stumble upon. They have been waiting; waiting for two years for their lost son, and I am not Dugald.


I’m Aiden, and I can’t tell them that. What is real, and who is real? Am I dreaming?


I must end their grief and find Dugald, the boy I have become, the boy I will find – and never know – who will help me to find myself.


What other people have said about this book:

An accident in the family and a camping weekend set the scene for this captivating story.  

Broome manages to create an atmosphere of fear and mystery from the wind in the karri trees, the darkness, the bush noises and Aiden’s confusion after sleeping.

An excellent read that keeps the reader turning pages.  

Kaye Throssell, Reading Time, August 2001

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