The Judas Donkey

Illustrations by Sharon Thompson

Fremantle Arts Centre Press


What would you do if you wanted a horse and you ended up with a donkey?  I tell you, I wasn’t all that happy. Here in Kununurra we don’t get to see all those donkeys that run wild in the Kimberley .

That’s till Gramps brings home the Judas donkey! Gramps has the biggest heart – that’s why he saved Judy and brought her here. He looks after Gamma too, because she’s kind of forgetting things.

My friend Tula – she’s Aboriginal – taught me a few things about Judy. I reckon she can see inside a donkey’s head. I still wasn’t all that proud, riding a donkey around the streets ... till the day came that we might lose her.

Whoever called a donkey an ass needs to learn a thing or two!


Here's what other people have said about The Judas Donkey:


Errol Broome’s beautiful, short novel encompasses tenderness, compassion and understanding...                                               
Russ Merrin,  Magpies  Nov 2003  

The Judas Donkey will endure in the hearts and minds of all who take the pleasure to read it.

 Victoria Reeve,  Write Away SWWVic,  August 2003

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