Song of the Dove

The book came to me as a gift when I was reading anecdotes on the lives of great composers. I was interested in Beethoven, but after Beethoven came Bellini, and there I came upon a story. The romantic tale of Bellini and Maddalena’s thwarted love, their pledge to be together after his tenth opera, and the white dove that appeared to him towards the end all stayed with me and I couldn’t let them go.

So Song of the Dove is a ‘mostly true’ story. I wove the white dove through the text, and now I see the book itself as a metaphor. I think there is something there for readers of every age level.  

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My name is Vincenzo Bellini. You may have heard of me – and my music. I never wanted you to hear this story. Parts of it still hurt me. But Errol Broome has brought it all back. Sonia Kretschmar’s illustrations have even captured my likeness.

Here is the Bay of Naples and the cobbled streets we walked together, Maddalena and me. Ah, Maddalena, my white dove! You might think it’s a sad story, but Maddalena and I are happy at last. Dio mio! Have I given away the ending? Arrivederci a presto!

Here's what other people have said about this book:


... This handsome and truly romantic tale ...

This is a special book for a special reader and would be a boon for teachers of music or any who recognize the importance of ‘the arts’ in a truly liberal education.                                   
          Maurice Saxby, Reading Time , August 2011


Keep your eyes peeled for Song of the Dove a love story... it has to be seen to be truly appreciated....possibly one of the most beautifully illustrated picture books I have seen for a long time.

What a stunning introduction to classical music  history.
      The Book Gryffin,  March 20, 2011


Simply yet evocatively told, beautifully produced and stunningly illustrated... 
          Tania McCartney, Kids Book review, May 6, 2011


Errol Broome has a passion for history and she brings it compellingly to life in this unusual children’s book which should inspire young readers to search for more information about the person behind the music...
          Krista Bell, ABC Radio Queensland, May 5, 2011


As romantic and dramatic as his operas, Song of the Dove can be read on several levels... 
         NSW Association for Gifted & Talented Children